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Powerful tools and features to host, manage and monetize your film festival

HD Quality

HD quality streaming over a secure environment.

Geo blocking & access control

Restrict access with password protection and geo-blocking.

Integrated Payment system

An integrated payment gateway that supports multiple currencies and modes of payments.

Real-time analytics

Advanced analytics and reporting on the performance of your film festival.


Customized registrations forms, informative calendar invites, and reminders.

Film Library

Create a library or playlist of the film teasers to build anticipation.

Virtual/Hybrid Film Festival Solution

Highly interactive livestreaming platform

Enable an exclusive viewing experience for your audience

  • Create a website for branding and awareness.
  • Built in CDN for buffer free streaming.
  • Uninterrupted streaming across the channels.
  • On-demand content from your movie library.

Create engagement with your audience

Keep your audience engaged and entertained during your film festival with

  • Live chat rooms.
  • VIP lounges.
  • Networking rooms.
  • Polls

Hassle-free streaming

Prepare a pre-event activities plan for uninterrupted streaming.

  • Dry run or rehearsals before the main day.
  • Outreach bloggers to drive up submissions and attendance.
  • Identify businesses and influencers for partnership.
  • Partnership arrangement to build momentum.

Easy set up for payments

Ensure a flexible and secure payment process for your film festival platform.

  • Free tickets or a compensation fee as a promotional incentive.
  • Online ticketing.
  • Early bird discount coupons.
  • Multiple devices access.
  • Secure payment gateways.
  • Choice of preferred currency.

Safe and secure platform for attendees

We commit you secure hosting and broadcasting of your film festival.

  • Region-specific geo-blocking.
  • Unique access code and URL for attendees.
  • Built-in DRM.
  • Screen recording protection.
  • Server-level security across the channels.

Real-time analytics and feedback

Get detailed insights into your platform for future references.

  • Analyze the performance of your content.
  • Monitor user engagement.
  • Generate custom reports.
  • User behavior in your platform.

Powerful tools and features to engage your audience virtually

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual film festival platform?

A virtual film festival is an online platform that allows filmmakers to showcase their work to a wide audience and compete for various awards. These festivals provide an opportunity for aspiring filmmakers to gain recognition, connect with other industry professionals, and receive feedback on their work. Whether you are interested in submitting your own work or simply seeking out new films to watch, virtual film festivals are a great way to discover new talent and support the independent film community.

How to host a successful virtual film festival?

Hosting a virtual film festival is a great way to support the independent film community and discover new talent. Here are some tips on how to get started:

  • Choose a theme or focus for your festival. This will help you determine which films to select and how to market your event.
  • Create an online platform for your festival. This can be a website, blog, or social media page.
  • Promote your festival. Use online and offline marketing tools to reach your target audience.
  • Select films for your festival. Consider using an open call for submissions to attract a wide range of films.
  • Organize your festival. Set up a schedule for screenings and award announcements, and create judging criteria to ensure that your selections are fair and impartial.
  • Encourage audience participation. You can do this through social media or by hosting live "meetups" where people can watch the films together.
  • Consider offering prizes or other incentives to draw in more filmmakers and viewers. Virtual film festivals are a great way to build interest and support for the independent film community, so get started today!