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Host uninterrupted AGMs, town halls, product launches, conference & summits, panel discussions, sales meetings, rewards & recognition, internal communication, social events, career & networking fair, corporate meetings, internal webcasts, employee training sessions, and more.


Livestream your Hybrid/Virtual Annual General Meetings and host key corporate discussions with your stakeholders. Give in-person experience to members of your organization, stakeholders, and participants to connect and interact with each other. Let your brand persona reflect via a spectrum of experience including customized AGM invitations, registrations, votings, content management, record keeping and more.


Keep every stakeholder aligned with your business goal via Hybrid/Virtual Town Hall. From CEO to every employee, connect with everyone together on one platform, without much planning efforts. Add more convenience for your attendees to attend your hybrid/virtual town hall across geographies.

Product Launches

Showcase your new products, live stream product demos, and penetrate new markets in an innovative and engaging way. Broadcast your product launch across multiple time zones seamlessly. Get orders booked in real-time as you unveil your new products to potential customers in international markets.

Conference & Summits

Enhance your business associations and let your network grow across the globe effortlessly. Host engaging hybrid/virtual conference with end-to-end support to strengthen your organizational interactions.


Panel Discussions

Pull in guests and live audiences across the world to your hybrid/virtual panel discussion. Host a wide range of speaker events, informative presentations, keynote speeches, and more. Bring the in-person experience of panels in your academic, business, recreational, sports, and other discussions of common interest.

Sales Meetings

Get your team focussed on newer targets with unique hybrid/virtual sales meet. Bring your team together across geographies on a single platform and understand target markets, zero-in value proposition, build powerful networking opportunities and bonds, connect with influencers across geographies, and more.

Employee & Customer Communication

Bring in the best of both in-person and virtual employee & customer communication via our fully-featured Hybrid Events Platform. Let your team members & customers interact, appreciate, and unite over virtual games, discussions, and performances.

Rewards & Recognition

Boost the morale of your employees remotely and bring recreational vibes to your organization with BeLIVE. Host engaging Rewards & Recognition events for your dedicated employees and extend your support, no matter where they are working from in the world!

Social Events

Enable your community to join your social events from anywhere in the world. Add an element of inclusivity and share invites to all members to your event. Set event-theme completely customized as you prefer. Create more interactive social events for your attendees with gamifications, reactions, leaderboards, rewards, and more.

Trade Shows & Exhibitions

Give all your exhibitors the best spot to display their products, services and offerings via hybrid/virtual trade shows & exhibitions. Increase brand visibility and easily attract a global target audience. Enable exhibitors to meet buyers & effortlessly, build their market presence, and drive lead generation.

Career & Networking Fair

Help colleges, institutes, universities, and companies share educational and employment opportunities with students. Offer educational institutes and corporates with access to larger segments of prospective students than feasible with in-person events. Reach students and employment opportunities across the globe with highly engaging and interactive hybrid/ virtual career and networking fairs.


Hybrid/Virtual Events Platform

Fully-managed, feature-rich platform that delivers immersive hybrid/virtual events to attendees...

All-in-one OTT Solution

Completely featured OTT platform to deliver enterprise video content to audience across the globe...

Security & Privacy

Securely host and broadcast your events with Built-in DRM, Watermarking, Single Sign On(SSO), VPN Detection, Geo-Blocking


Get Designated Account Manager, complete Technical and end-user support till event completion.


Grow your revenue by monetizing hybrid/virtual events through pay-per-view, video advertising or subscription model...


Create customized, own branded events for you with Live Chroma and Hybrid Shoot, virtual main hall, lobby, auditorium...

Attendee experience

Deliver engaging attendee experience with interactive targeted networking, unlimited concurrent live video sessions...


Track your event via Real-time Analytics dashboard, UTM source tracking, livestream analytics...

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Sports Events

Livestream actions straight from the ground to your viewers’ devices. Deliver 4K-HD quality live sports streams...

Brands & retails

Host and livestream video marketing, ecommerce, and retail conferences, and more to potential customers across...


Art, Entertainment & Media

Expand your audience reach via whitelabelled hybrid/virtual concerts, award shows, performance, and more...