Streamline is one of the most cost-efficient way of getting your video content transcoded into multiple bitrates.

Transcoder- LIVE and File based transcoding

Video transcoding is the most sought after prerequisite when it comes to streaming your video content seamlessly across every device that there is. By transcoding we can easily stream our video content in multiple formats, multiple bitrates and multiple definitions over any device.

Real Time Encoding with HD quality support

Streamline is one of the most efficient way to transcode any video up to the standards of your requirement. It facilitates the encoding of any video content in real time in HD across all formats.

Live Video Transcoding

The live video transcoding enabled by streamline renders an accurate, lag free play over any device preferred by the viewer, immensely reducing the live video streaming complexity for both the viewer and the content broadcaster.

All File formats support

Streamline allows the user to clip & crop, extract & insert subtitles and closed captions. It incorporates multichannel audio handling, HLS and MPEG-DASH compatibility, and grants AES-128 encryption, DRM licensing and automatically transforms the video that is playable in all devices and formats supported.