Make your stream exclusive by engaging the target audience of your will, surpassing demographic incompatibility with multilingual support.


Making your valuable stream available to a target audience of a finite scale, with conventional means can be a painful task susceptible to glitches and errors with no regulated way to monitor and track your audience.

Why to choose spot-TV?

Spot TV tackles the challenge of providing exclusive streaming by integrating dedicated spot TV boxes for each screen and making you dictate the extent of your stream at your desired definition with analytics tracking delivered through a web based dashboard bundled with the hardware as a one stop solution.


Spot TV is a complete setup of smart hardware and software integration where your stream can be quantified to the audience of your choice, making live conferences, training and exclusive showroom streams available without any hassle.

Its ability to encode a stream multilingually at a given time assures your reach across a wider demographic.

Spot TV boxes are provided for each dedicated screen with full installation and support for a stream up to 4K video quality with assured 3 years warranty on the hardware.

Its web based analytics dashboard analyzes the device and your content, giving you detailed insights on various predefined metrics generated daily, weekly or monthly as per your requirement.