An easy to operate player which is compatible with every device and run advertisements, subtitles and has highly intelligent analytics.


Smooth player is a cross-platform, smart HTML5 video player which renders flawless execution of your video over any device that fits your requirement. Its smart device detection automatically detects your device and its video compatibility prerequisites, taking over the major and mandatory issues of video play and providing a smooth, lag free display without any manual integration or effort. With the integrated subtitle feature captioning any video becomes hassle free.

Its ad distribution, integrating almost every ad platform or network, makes the reach of any advert at scale. Hence, connecting with the target audience becomes simpler and more efficient.

Struggling for your ad metrics, and viewership analytics becomes a thing of past by subscribing to smooth player as its inbuilt and intuitive video analytics makes tracking, monitoring and prioritizing your audience available at a single platform with no additional software or plug-ins to install.

Device Detection & Support
Advertising Support
Support Video Analytics