An easy to operate player which is compatible with every device and run advertisements, subtitles and has highly intelligent analytics.


Smooth player is a cross-platform, smart HTML5 video player which renders flawless execution of your video over any device that fits your requirement. Its smart device detection automatically detects your device and its video compatibility prerequisites, taking over the major and mandatory issues of video play and providing a smooth, lag free display without any manual integration or effort. With the integrated subtitle feature captioning any video becomes hassle free.

Its ad distribution, integrating almost every ad platform or network, makes the reach of any advert at scale. Hence, connecting with the target audience becomes simpler and more efficient.

Struggling for your ad metrics, and viewership analytics becomes a thing of past by subscribing to smooth player as its inbuilt and intuitive video analytics makes tracking, monitoring and prioritizing your audience available at a single platform with no additional software or plug-ins to install.


Smooth play supports HLS (HTTP live streaming) as well as DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) adaptive streaming, making it compatible with browsers and devices supporting any one of the formats. Both HLS and DASH reduces the video into much smaller chunks and encoding it into a certain format making the video less bulky and adaptive to stream as the video adjusts its definition according to the available bandwidth.

HLS which is developed by apple splits the video in the chunks of 10 seconds contained in an MPEG-2 transpot stream using H264 as the video codec.

DASH or MPEG-DASH is an alternative video streaming format which splits the file into much smaller fragments ranging from 2 to 4 seconds with the advantage of not being bound by any specific codec. DASH is also the first HTTP format to be adopted as an international standard.

For maximum optimization of online space, compatibility for both formats is a must and is an integral aspect of smooth play.


Along with adaptive bitrate, multi bitrate encoding is carried out by smooth play. Where a stream automatically adjusts itself complementing the viewer’s bandwidth in adaptive bitrate encoding, multi bitrate encoding allows user to manually adjust the streams definition from lower to higher and vice versa.


Smooth play allows you to watch your favorite video on your TV without any hassle via both apple tv and chromecast, removing the limitation set by OS specific players. Simply connect your device to the interface of your choice and enjoy seamless play over your big screen.


Smooth play offers you android and IOS SDK for integrating smooth play in your own android or ios applications. This lets you customize and tweak the video play experience with the inclusion of various UI skins, captions, ad insertions, and much more.


Smooth play supports both vast and vpaid advertising, making sure your ad revenue is maximized as you get the automated as well as interactive ad integration.

VAST short for Video Ad Serving Template, and VPAID (Video Player-Ad Interface Definition) are regulations developed by IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) for online video advertisement to be followed universally.


VPAID provides what VAST lacks in terms of interactive ad response and tracking. It powers your video ad by overlaying it with rich interactive actions such as a new click URL for extended information about the ad and much more.

It is basically a code embedded along vast which helps advertisers tracking the interactive response and providing metrics and data for optimizing the ad for maximum revenue possible.


You never run out of engrossing content as the smart video recommendation engine is tailored to suggest a wide variety of video content based on your content selection.

With platforms to choose from YouTube, dailymotion, vimeo, veqta, dollywood and many more to be incorporated soon, the content density is bound to grow both in terms of quantity and quality.

With personalized account and signing in option you are always at check about your viewing habits and inclination which aids your whole personalized viewing experience.


Google IMA sdk is distributed by google to monetize video content over websites and apps. It works with DFP(DoubleClick for Publishers),ad sense and other vast compliant servers by placing your ad in a TV style manner in your video content.

Its works by offering Two-player and Single-player solution, by two player a different player is made for playing ad over the video content and in single player same player is used for both the video stream and advert.


For a better ad optimization ad scheduling plays a key role in a video content. smooth play provides ad scheduling by offering slots to be allotted for different variety of ads in your video.

With ad scheduling the deployment of the ad slots can be arranged according to the order of your preference. Add timings can be modified by placing them as midroll, preroll and postroll.

An ad can also be overlaid on video and made skippable along with selecting the best time slot relevant for it.


Smooth play is available as an android app which can be downloaded from google play. With content available from youtube, vimeo, dailymotion and other platforms, users can install the app in their handheld devices and ejoy the video on the go easily.