Pulse is first-of-its-kind TV AD monitoring tool that tracks TV Ads by sub-categorizing, verifying and analyzing those Ads with smart analytic tools.

Multiple creatives. Different channels. New way to track & verify airplay.

TV Ad Airplay Report & Tracking

The conventional TV ad airplay report and tracking relies on different reports, from different channels at different wait times. This increases the clutter by disorientation of important ad metrics and tracking reports and further steps for consolidation are required making the process way more complex, costly and chaotic.

Multiple TV Ad Creatives

Different TV Channels

A first of its kind comprehensive TV ad tracking platform

Pulse is a first of its kind comprehensive TV ad tracking platform, taking over the reins of TV ad tracking from a convoluted traditional method and laying out all the analytics metric, statistically and graphically available to you at a single platform in real time.

Track Any TV Channel

It boasts an exclusive access to all the TV content 24*7, making its channel count coverage over 400. With live/Real-time ad monitoring you don’t have to be at the mercy of different channel reports at different times as you get the live stats and ad metrics instantly making your wait time zero.

MultiTV has exclusive access to all the TV content 24x7

Track Any TV Ad

Ad detection on every TV channel for every ad

Live Monitoring

A real-time & comprehensive tracking of every brand TV ad

In Real-Time

Brand Video Ad Creative

Real-Time Verification

Verifies brand’s TV ad airplay with complete analytics. Verifies TV Media plan


Real-Time Ad monitoring

Zero Wait time

Along with ad metrics and analytics, pulse also integrates highly useful revenue analytics making the statistics of your ROI model more transparent.

100% Accurate

Best in class Video Fingerprinting

Assuring the best in class video fingerprinting technology pulse imparts 100% accuracy by making sure that every ad is tagged and identified correctly.

Complete Analytics

No. of Plays

It aids the organizing of analytics data by categorizing ad tracking via number of plays, type of brand, channel and ad creative.


No technology / Hardware integration

Its self serving attribute outthrows the need of a foreign hardware or software integration, making it a final, one stop ad tracking solution.