Monetize your video content better with our innovative & best-in-class solutions


Automator is your one stop, end to end OTT video distribution solution, capable of competing head on with almost any global player, bringing down the cost to customer by a notch. Driven with a mission to enhance every nuance of the OTT video experience, Automator stands out from its competitors by optimizing the cost to quality and rendering the best video solution possible.

As the name suggests beLive is a hassle free way to broadcast your video content via online streaming in HD, making your webcast to attract a much wider audience at a given time. With an incremental reach and compatibility to stream across every digital device available, incorporating real time reporting on 45+ parameters, it makes tracking and analyzing the active audience statistics effortless.

Catering to the ever growing video consumption worldwide, smooth player is an HTML5 video player with device detection attribute, advertising support, subtitles and advance video analytics. Smooth player justifies its name by flawless video execution over any device with inbuilt device detection and support.

A first of its kind TV ad tracking platform across 400+ TV channels content 24x7,with real-time ad monitoring assuring best in class accuracy of 100%. It yields a comprehensive ad tracking analytics of ad plays which can be categorized by brand, channel and ad creative. Pulse bears a self serving architecture ousting the need of technology integration and hardware requirements.

Streamline is a smart and adaptive video transcoder, allowing your video content to stream in multiple bitrates across any digital device. With the real time transcoding in HD quality, supporting all formats, streamline abolishes your compatibility and quality issues for your every video streaming solution.

Drive is a segmented push notification platform, with an easy to use UI, for businesses to connect with their audience and staying in touch with real time tracking and scalability testing, imparting robust analytics. With an easy to setup real time tracking, monitoring your campaign in real time becomes hassle free and fluid.

Spot TV is a wholesome way to define your target audience, and maintain the exclusivity of your stream to the desired subscribers. Bundled as a complete package of hardware and software, spot TV ensures the reach of your video content with adaptiveness to a variable demographic making your content ready to be transcribed in multiple languages at a given time simultaneously bearing analytics and live support.