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High-quality livestream

Livestream your health and fitness videos seamlessly

  • Built-in CDN - high-quality videos.
  • Customized HTML5 video player.
  • Buffer free streaming.
  • Stream across all devices.
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Interactive fitness studio

Keep fitness lovers engaged and interested

  • Publish your fitness videos on any device.
  • AI-powered recommendation engine.
  • Multi-lingual subtitle support.
  • Live polls and Q&A.
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Maximize your revenue

Multiple ways to monetize your health and fitness content

  • Free Demos to attract customers.
  • Integrated paywall.
  • Insert ads to generate revenue.
  • Multiple subscription plans.
  • Easily integrate with any payment gateway.
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Analyze your performance

Monitor how your content is performing for a continuous improvement

  • Advanced video analytics.
  • Real-time insights.
  • Check analytics for VOD and Live Content.
  • Track most watched video and fitness sessions.
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