Automator is an absolute end-to- end white label OTT solution aimed to provide best in class over the top video ecosystem for businesses and customers alike.


Automator is an aggregated one stop OTT solution, which automatically manages your video content execution capitalizing on OVER THE TOP architecture. It gives businesses a platform to market their video content as a personalized viewing experience and monetize their content on their own terms. With industry level ad insertion and avant garde analytics the performance and audience response analysis is reflected in a precise, quantifiable and readable format which helps forging the strategies necessary to keep an edge.


With its smart ad insertion algorithm, automator makes marketing your content fast, effective and flawless, and economical as well by reducing the cost of implementation.


By opting automator as your OTT platform, you gain the advantage of a wholesome, end to end over the top solution with no foreign hardware or software integration required. With complete solution rendered, you can easily forego worrying over the layout management as it becomes centralized when channeled via automator.


Automator’s smart video ad ingest, assures a much higher revenue and audience reach than usual . Its ability to effectively insert ads in preroll, midroll and postroll guarantees a healthier revenue growth along with advanced business metrics to keep track of audience response.

Best Technology Partners

Automator renders state of the art technical experience for viewers intuitively solving the lags, glitches and compatibility issues.

An End-to-End White-Label OTT Video Platform Solution
Transcoding & Encoding
Video Content Management System (CMS)
Subscriber Management System
Video Ad Detection & Ad Insertion
Video Delivery & Analytics
Server side Ad insertion
Video Upload and Ingestion

Forget worrying about the upload of your heavy video content as automator carries out the bulk upload/FTP upload with content aggregator integration coupled with metadata ingestion. Be it linear channel or VoD, your stream stands firm throughout.

Video Transcoding & Processing

Encode your content with adaptive bitrate streaming (ABR), enabling your stream to change according to the bandwidth of user, in a format and definition best suited for the viewer’s device, making your stream progressive and universally compatible.

Video Platform Security

Protect your valuable stream by sturdy encryption provided by Automator, enabling Geo blocking and content rights management.This helps in limiting or scaling your audience as per your business requirement while keeping content piracy and theft in check 24/7.

Managing Content

Manage your content with ease by creating categories, multiple price points, video bundling and multiple VoD packs for providing a wider range of option to choose from.

Content Packaging

Wrap your content in a polished packaging with editing/deleting and content tagging enabled. Tackle the variance in pricing by providing fixed/ala carte price incorporating progressive streaming.

Content Publishing

Mark your content and publish it live smoothly. With equal support for linear channel viewing and VoD and enabled filtering throughout, Automator makes publishing your video content effortless.

Subscriber Management System

Its smart Subscriber management system lets you build a responsive, organized and trackable platform for your video content. It lets you create customized billing and pricing plans for various channel packs, VOD and SVOD packs for your subscribers easily.
With automated activation and deactivation content owners can easily manage the subscription timeline and billing cycles via payment gateways of their preference.
Customer response and grievance can be properly regulated by creating a service response system aiding the customer relationship.

Video Ad Detection & Ad Insertion

Automator incorporates digital ad fingerprinting and commercial ad detection when it comes to target audience selection. Customized streams are delivered by analysing the variance in audience behaviour making the adverts leave a stronger imprint on the viewer and boosting the monetization as a result.

Video Delivery & Analytics
Video Delivery

Automator assures smooth video delivery providing on – screen controls. DVR/Timeshift feature helps in recording or storing a stream removing the boundaries set by time bound broadcasts. With zero buffer ad switching enabled and dedicated environment for HTTP live streaming and VoD, your video content is delivered optimally.

User & Content Analytics

Analytics classified under the segments of demographic, total and average duration of consumption per device model and platform channels consumed, offers top notch analytics aiding the tracking and monitoring of your user base.

Revenue Analytics

Along with conventional analytics, Automator also imparts analytics on the lines of subscription revenue, wallet account revenue, recurring subscription report and pay per view revenue keeping you updated about the revenue statistics.

Server side Ad insertion

Also known as ad stitching, server side ad insertion inserts or sews the ad directly in the video stream rather than relying on conventional ad servers for ad integration. This reduces both cost and complexity effectively by eliminating external servers. Ad stitching aids the advert reach by circumventing the ad blockers as the ad is stitched in the video itself.

OTT solution for live TV Streaming – How we do it?

Live satellite, camera or VOD TV feed is fed to the transcoder for encoding and transcoding purpose, which is further hosted on our CDN (Content Delivery Network), making the video content available in the desired format across every device, rendering the stream as universally compatible.


Automator strictly follows the final stop solution paradigm both aesthetically and technically. As a result our esteemed clientele need no external integration which reduces the cost and complexity of the setup.

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