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All-in-one, cost effective solution for your next virtual and hybrid AGM


User-friendly interface, secure voting, and instant approvals.


Moderation tools for a full control over the flow of meeting.


Our AGM Platform comply with EU and US privacy laws.


Closely monitor attendee engagement during the AGM.


Get a full overview of the meeting's proceedings.

Multiple dry run

Free dry runs to ensure everything goes smooth during the AGM.

Virtual AGM Solution

Validate and verify participation

Ensure a transparent voting process via trusted govt bodies. Safe and secure e-voting process

  • Integrated depository features (with NSDL & CDSL & KARVY) to share date, time, length, and access links for the meetings.
  • Faster & secure voting and approvals.
  • Eliminate chances of fraud or tampering with the vote count.
  • Real-time validation and verification.

Your security and privacy is our priority

Our AGM tool complies with Global Safety and privacy standards and industry regulations

  • Ensure world-class security.
  • Complete data encryption.
  • Broadcast over a secure network.
  • Access control for the safety of proprietary information.
  • Global privacy compliant (EU Cookies Directive, GDPR, US Privacy Laws).

Hassle-free & joyous experience for all stakeholders

Powerful tools to create an inclusive experience for your stakeholders

  • HD Quality uninterrupted streaming across devices.
  • No special software or hardware is required.
  • Easy participation for all stakeholders.
  • Full mobile accessibility.
  • Analyze real-time response on your virtual AGM.

Ensure active participation by stakeholders

Seamless, buffering free and 100% real-time livestreaming

  • All real-time conversations are being recorded and shared via private channels.
  • Revisit important pointers/instances if it's been missed in the meeting.
  • Transcript of AGM to give your stakeholders a synopsis of the complete proceedings.

Engage all your stakeholders effectively

Make your AGM proceedings immersive for all stakeholders

  • Opportunity to engage with stakeholders.
  • Monitor engagement (voting and commenting).
  • Keep the audience involved throughout.
  • 1-1 discussion with the participants.
  • Web conference integration to meet face-to-face directly within the platform.

User-friendly interface for attendees

Easy to navigate and user-friendly interface for your AGM Attendees

  • An animated virtual introductory guide to walk through the platform.
  • Custom touchpoints.
  • Easy navigations to the booths.
  • Bookmark and download at your comfort.

Real-time data analytics

Keep a tab on AGM engagement with our real-time analytics

  • Track users' real-time data.
  • Monitor the attendees’ journey during the event.
  • Track the least visited zone in the AGM journey.
  • Capture and analyze data for future reference.

Powerful tools and features to engage your audience virtually

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Virtual AGM?

  • Virtual AGMs is a great way for organizations to allow their shareholders and management to meet exclusively online without a corresponding physical meeting.
  • The goal behind this type of meeting is To discuss business results To vote on resolutions
  • Evaluate the company's performances in the previous quarter
  • Discuss new ideas or any concerns with the board members.

Why MultiTV for Virtual AGM?

Here are some of the features that make MultiTV's AGM platform unique and different It's a user-friendly interface

  • We offer high-quality real-time streaming.
  • It's a secure platform with restricted access The e-voting process is secure and authenticated.
  • Our platform seamlessly integrates with the govt bodies and security exchange boards.

How do I access the recording?

The transcripts of AGM are recorded via approval of repositories (NSDL, CDSL and Karvy). Its sent to registered email id of attendees.

Will I need any other software or tool in addition to MultiTv?

No. You don't need any other software. MultiTV will take care of your end to end needs for virtual AGM.