TV Everywhere (TVE)

Make satellite TV obsolete by taking full control over the televised content.

TV Everywhere (TVE)

TV everywhere is a concept where the propagation of information and entertainment content is carried out digitally via an IP network rather than conventional terrestrial satellite model. With the rise of high speed broadband both in terms of speed and demographical reach, transmitting content over internet becomes mandatory for cable companies and content providers.

The race to monetize the content over internet is the prime mover of OTT businesses as the target audience is easily accessible due to personalization of the content. The balance of content selection has now shifted to the viewer from the cable provider, making cable obsolete and giving rise to the term – cord cutting. Popularized as IPTV (internet protocol TV), it provides the freedom of what, when and where to watch making linear viewing and storage a thing of past. Application of IPTV is wide and needs to be further elaborated for a better grasp.


IPTV can be a major additive for internet service providers (ISPS) by capitalizing the OTT platform and delivering the personalized content removing the limitation posed by hardware and software compatibility issues as the content is now executable over TVs as well as other smart devices such as phone and tablets. By providing this add-on service ISPS can make subscriptions ready to be availed at a cost and boost their business model further.


Nowhere else can the demand of personalized content be more justified and relevant than a hotel. Making content personalized via traditional model of Hotel television system in each room is heavy on wallet and less efficient as the content is always limited. By providing the access of IPTV in each room, guests have a wider choice of content on their terms over the usual hotel WI-FI, removing the requirement of any other hardware integration. By allowing subscriptions for IPTV at a cost with intelligent analytics offered by OTT model, tracking and monitoring the revenue and customer behavior becomes fluid and efficient.